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This sounds crazy to me. Lets take an example: The Lettuce Diet Photo: She was able to lose 10kg in 3 weeks. Make sure to dance as much as you can and as hard as you can. Not as small as the paper cup diet portions but also not as big as the McDonals portions.

Starving yourself will never be a long term solution for your fat loss. Which makes it rather easy to follow this kind of diet. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address.

The Kpop Idol Diet: How to lose weight in 2018

The One Food Diet Photo: Kpop idols are known to limit their intake and follow strict diet plans, especially before an appearance. Just like SNSD did it. Because it is very extreme. That depends on you and how close you follow the rules.

The 7 best Kpop Diets

Sure, there will always be extreme approaches like the Red Velvet Wendy Diet or this crazy Kpop dietbut the body image has definitely changed over recent years.

We really love her legs! This diet claims to make your face smaller and helps burn belly fat too. You can see that this diet is all about the size of the portion. Does the Banana Diet work?

But this will not be enough to get you were you want to be. Have a look at our SNSD diet guide. Hyuna weight loss and diet In a nutshell: You dont have to follow the meal plan in detail.

The Kpop Diet

But how did she do that? The beautiful Nicole from the girl group Kara said that she lost weight with this diet. It might not happen over night, but if you follow along regularly you will see a huge improvement. So you should actually go and try this one out.

A bowl of brown rice and different salads for lunch and two sweet potatoes for dinner. And this is what you should aim for. But the amount of food might just be to less for your body to operate properly for an entire day. But after some weeks you will be a different person.

Our Korean Diet has been carefully developed and tested.

The SNSD Diet

But you might want to add some foods to make sure that you get all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins your body needs.The Red Velvet Wendy diet is just an extreme Kpop-ish way of dieting.

I am sure you would like to know what exactly Wendy eats and how much she eats on a daily basis. But for now, we have no. K-Pop Diet Meal (Plan) to Lose Their Weight and Photo Comparison Before and After Korea is known as a country that has ‘crazy’ trends, especially for K-POP Idols.

For K-POP Idols having a perfect body shape becomes their top priority, some of them often do extreme diets to get the perfect body Ratih.

10 Types of K-Pop Idol Diet Plan and Exercise (Workout) To Lose Their Weight

The Red Velvet Wendy diet is just an extreme Kpop-ish way of dieting. I am sure you would like to know what exactly Wendy eats and how much she eats on a daily basis. But for now, we have no information on that.

In case you are interested what other Kpop idols eat, make sure to check out our articles about the best Kpop diets. Kpop idols are attractive, beautiful, and fit; many people look up to them as their “fitspiration.” They undergo diet and exercise to achieve their “ideal” Hellokpop Community.

The paper cup diet is maybe the most famous of the Kpop diets and is based on a certain portion per meal. Just take three paper cups or any small sized cups and fill them up with the following food.

One cup with rice, one cup with vegetables or meat and one cup with fruits. Three times a day. This makes it super simple to control your portion.

The Kpop Idol Diet. A lot of things have been said and reported about the right or wrong Kpop idol diet. Many of them are rather extreme and shouldn’t be adapted for to long. On the other hand, they do work for people who stick to it. In this post we would like to help you with your personal Kpop idol diet that will help you to lose weight this year.

Kpop diet
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